When we post a holiday throwback, we don’t quite have the luxury of looking like Michelle Keegan.

Far from it in fact. Actually, that reminds us… *Untags all Portugal’12 Facebook pictures*…

And it just so happens that it is officially a year since Mrs Mark Wright‘s hen party in Dubai, and she’s been sharing the snaps all over Instagram. And we’re jealous. Bitterly, bitterly jealous.

The 28-year-old first shared a snap of her entire party, which she captioned ‘This time last year!!! #myladies #hen’. And yes, we know. Those abs.

This time last year!!! #myladies #hen ⚪️⚫️

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Mich then shared another group picture, which she captioned ‘Memories’.

Memories ❤️

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And, to end her throwback thread, Michelle then shared a snap of herself looking stupidly amazing.

🌟 @bikini_reef kaftans 👌🏽

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The hen party, which was organised for Michelle by her 27 hens, was held in Dubai- a special place for Mrs Mark Wright as it’s where she both met and became engaged to her husband of just under a year.

And whilst we can safely say that it would appear that Mich is looking forward to returning to the UK from Africa, where she is currently filming, and seeing her hubby it also seems to be the case for 29-year-old Mark.

The ex-TOWIE fella’ has been sharing multiple Instagram videos of himself getting in shape, and we’re like 80% sure it’s for his wife’s return. You know, the whole- HEY REMEMBER ME, I’M HOT type thing.

For example,

500 calories burned from interval running.

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Fittest couple ever? We think so.

Alice Perry/ @AlicePerrr