TV star Myleene Klass opens up about her devastating divorce, and vows: "No-one will ever put me through that again."

Myleene Klass has opened up about the devastating heartache she felt following her bitter divorce.

The former Hear’Say singer revealed how she was left feeling ‘betrayed and crushed’ following her split from husband Graham Quinn three years ago, but vowed: ‘No-one will ever put me through that again.’

Graham is believed to have walked out on Myleene’s 34th birthday, and the pair – who had been together for ten years – have barely seen each other since.

In an interview with Woman magazine, 37-year-old Myleene confessed: ‘It’s taken a long time to get here, and a lot of soul-searching.’

She added: ‘I thought I’d never smile or trust anyone ever again. I felt so betrayed and so crushed.

‘You imagine other people have the same values as you. I wouldn’t walk out on my family.’

Despite her heartache, Myleene revealed that she has soldiered on for the sake of the former couple’s daughters, Ava, seven, and Hero, four.

‘I couldn’t wallow in it and sob,’ she revealed. ‘I said to my mum and dad, ‘I’m broken, but I’m will not sink.’

‘I just had to keep going because my girls would be up every morning asking me to make breakfast or fetch their recorders. My girls saved me.’

Despite barely seeing each other since the split, the pair have been involved in a fierce public spat recently after Myleene said she regretted signing Graham – who was arrested for heroin possession in 1996 – up as a joint director of a company that manages her estimated £11 million fortune.

She told the Daily Mail: ‘One of my girlfriends said later, “You married a former drug dealer who wouldn’t sing a pre-nup. What were you thinking?”

‘I’ll never let that happen again. If I decided to gamble with my money, I could take that, but someone taking it… No.’

Furious Graham hit back at the statements in a string of tweets, calling Myleene’s comments ‘frankly embarrassing and complete lies.’

He wrote: ‘I’ve stayed quiet for three years now but enough is enough. Please explain to me how I took your money?’

He went on to claim that the split had not only cost him money, but also access to his children.

‘I lost so much money from our divorce and our house that we bought together… and further money from me fighting you over letting me be a father to my kids whom I haven’t seen in over a year… shameful.

‘One day I hope you will out the interests of your children first and let them see their father, instead of focusing on what lies you can tell to boost your career.’

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