Even One Direction get shy around celebrities - especially when it comes to Lorraine Kelly. Here's everything you need to know about Niall Horan's adorable crush...

One Direction have millions of fans worldwide, but it still doesn’t prevent them from getting starstruck, apparently – as it looks like Niall Horan has a celebrity crush on none other than ITV’s Lorraine Kelly.

Appearing on Lorraine’s breakfast show this morning alongside band member Harry Styles, Niall – who is usually very confident – let his band member do the talking while he stared down at his feet and turned pink. Cat got your tongue, Niall?

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Halfway through, as Harry was discussing the band’s new single, ‘Perfect’, the Irish music star started to get the giggles – badly. Aww, we get it Niall…did you have sweaty palms too? We bet your pulse was racing! Explaining himself, Niall confessed: ‘I’m just obsessed with you Lorraine, I can’t even look at you!’ TOO. CUTE.

The adorable flirtation continued as Lorraine told Niall, ‘Stop giggling at me!’ before breaking into a fit of laughter herself. She also spoke for the nation when she told the pair that they were ‘perfect’ – just like the title of their latest tune. We hear you!

Lucky Lorraine tweeted a photograph of herself with the One Direction pair after the show, writing that the interview was ‘such a laugh!’ Just LOOK at Niall – he’s totally smitten!

During the hilarious interview, Harry revealed the band’s philosophy behind their latest album, Made In The A.M, compared to their previous work. ‘I think the difference with this album was that the last couple we knew that we would be touring the years ahead, so we very much wrote the songs with big crowds in mind, we wanted to write anthemic songs,’ he explained. ‘This one was cool because we just were really focussed on writing the best songs that we could and wanted to make a nice group of songs that we liked and we hope that everyone else likes them.”

Watch the full interview here.

Francesca Specter