While catching up with the X Factor, Nick Grimshaw's dog Pig chewed up Rita Ora's pants!

We bet that the judges on the X Factor have a right ol’ whale of a time on that show – the LOLs, the food fights, the banter…all aboard the the bus to Banterbury! (sorry..)

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Anyone who follows Nick Grimshaw on Instagram will know just HOW much he loves his dog, so it’s not that surprising that he sometimes brings his cute pooch Pig to the show with him – adorable!

But perhaps not so adorable is having Pig the dog eating your knickers. On camera. Like, proper chewing them up.

And the poor victim at the recieving end of this? Fellow X Factor judge and BFF of Grimmy’s, Rita Ora.

With such a fierce and flamboyant wardrobe, not gonna lie, we were kinda expecting something a lot more…eye-catching than some plain, beige undies. But you know, practical and that.

As well and chewing up famous popstar’s pants, Nick sat down with the X Factor ahead of the live shows this weekend, and what we can expect to see from the boys’ catergory.

7-inch heels from Sean Miley Moore tuneful laughing from Che Chesterman? Sounds like a perfect Saturday night in!

Just maybe use this as a memo for the other judges to hide their delicates away when Grimmy’s around…

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