Nick Grimshaw says that he wants to follow in X Factor boss Simon Cowell’s footsteps

The first auditions for the new series of The X Factor start on Monday, which means that newbie Nick Grimshaw is preparing for his first day at his new job, which we can imagine is much more glamorous and also nerve-wracking than ours. Can you imagine having Simon Cowell as a your boss?!

One of the things we love most about our favourite Saturday night TV show is that every judge has had their own style of judging – Simon is brutal and honest (or did used to be before he became a big softy!), Nicole Scherzinger was sassy and Louis Walsh was…well…Louis.

So what can we expect from the 30-year-old Radio 1 DJ? Will his Northern humour show through the screen, or will he be a mardy bum?

‘I think I will be nice when I need to be nice. I think I will be real and I will be honest.’

Speaking to The Mirror, Grimmy said that you can be honest without being harsh: ‘I don’t think I would ever be mean to anyone because it must be so terrifying and nerve-wracking to get up on that stage.’

‘I think you can say “this is the wrong career for you”. If you can’t sing there is no point saying “you’re quite good.” If they are not going to win it or you don’t want to see them in the final I don’t think there is any point going any further.’

Like what you’re saying Grimmers.

Another reason why we love X Factor so much is the judges house! What exotic location are they going to rent a sch-mazing villa out at? What A-list celeb are they going to bring in a guest judge? Well, whoever they are, they’re going to have to do something pretty spectacular to beat THAT Sinitta palm tree moment…

And with Grimmy’s phone book being a who’s who of the coolest names in showbiz, we expect a few of them will make an appearance on the show, with musical mate Jessie Ware eager to get involved already, who at Glastonbury asked the new judge: ‘Obviously, I’ve got to be at judges’ houses, where are we going?’

‘She wants the job already. I’d love her to do it, she’s super talented, she’s super funny and she cannot stop talking – she’d be ideal. It’s just whether or not she can fit it in, she’s been insanely successful and playing every festival.’

Nick’s friends aren’t only going to be on the show but also watching it too, even those you think would be too cool for school.

‘Even people who don’t really like it watch it and people who you think are too cool to watch it, they watch it. Like Annie Mac and Zane Lowe, they still watch it.’

With being an X Factor judge and mentor being another string to add to his bow, the opportunities are endless for jobs the Nick can add to his CV. And he seems pretty keen to take a leaf out of the big boss’ book, admitting that he would love to set up his own record label and management company a la Simon Cowell

But fear not, Grimmy’s still going to be there drag us out of our beds in the morning as he’s not going away from his first love of radio, saying that it’s more ‘real’.

‘What I love if you turn up and it is done, you are on. There is no time to be nervous.’

‘It goes with whatever mood you are in and it is organic. And I think I am best when I am put on the spot.’

With Nick Grimshaw being joined by gal pal Rita Ora on the new line-up of judges, we can’t wait to see them getting up to mischief and are predicting this series to be a laugh. And we’re not the only ones to think so.

‘X Factor has always got so many chracters and seems so much fun.’

‘I think it is going to be a whole new show, everything has been shaken up and I can’t wait to get started on it.’

Us either Grimmy!

Well, Katie Hopkin’s won’t be watching the X Factor then…

See how Nick Grimshaw’s style has change in this video…

Amy Lo