Our favourite Northern Lad Nick Grimshaw gives us the low down on this years The X Factor...

We’re used to Nick Grimshaw AKA Grimmy waking the nation up and aiding us into making our first cup of coffee just that *little* bit more drinkable (seriously, it feels like 4am why are we trying to drink hot beverages)…

But Radio One’s Breakfast Show is about to get reeeaaaal jealous, as Nick is all set to have his first late night since setting his alarm default to the crack of dawn… THE X FACTOR IS BACK!

And our favourite Northern lad has plenty to say about this years show, including style wars with Simon (MATCHING bootcut jeans?!)…We’re all ears, Grimshaw.

How did Simon convince you to join the show?

Simon didn’t convince me to do the show, he didn’t have to! I am such a big fan of The X Factor, it’s the only show that I religiously watch. Me and my friends are all at my house, we cook and we watch it every Saturday and Sunday together. It’s good, it’s like rehab because we don’t go out from August till Christmas…

So you didn’t get wined and dined like Olly and Caroline?

No wining and dining from Simon whatsoever. I heard that with Olly and Caroline he took them out for dinner, he put on a full curry for Olly, every dish available – but none of that for me.

There was criticism when it was announced that you were a judge, what do you say to that?

That’s why I like the show, everyone has an opinion on it, which is good. People may not know but I have only ever worked in music. When I was 17 I started working at a record label and management company. I would not go to work if I didn’t have headphones with me, music is the most important thing in my life.

How is it working with Simon?

What I have discovered is that he’s unruly and naughty! It’s like going to work with a toddler or a teenager, it’s constant winding up. He’s great, I really get on with him, he’s pretty addictive to be around. You can’t actually hate him, even though you want to!

What sort of naughty things has he been doing backstage?

We drove to work one day with Caroline Flack. She was nervous because she had to drive a big car with her boss in. Every time she stopped he would put it in reverse, like so sneakily. So every time we went at the traffic lights she would reverse into somebody!  With him and Cheryl, you watch them and think it’s funny on TV, but that’s their relationship..he winds her up all day.

Why do you think women fancy Simon so much?

He’s poised… maybe I’m into it! Maybe I’ve got a crush on Simon! He’s very attractive.

How have you found juggling the show and Radio 1?

We’ve been finishing X Factor around half past midnight, I get home about half one and then my alarm goes off about quarter past five. I could manage on four hours sleep, but what actually happens is when I get in and close my eyes I see Simon, Cheryl, Rita and a big X.

Will you be having style wars with Simon?

Style wars with Simon? He hasn’t got a chance!

That’s fighting talk there Grimmy!



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