Nicola McLean and husband Tom Williams’ have gone to war after she accused him of cheating on her and now he's taken to Twitter to accuse Nicola of faking a miscarriage

Just when we thought it had all gone quiet, Nicola McLean‘s estranged husband Tom Williams has hit back at his wife Nicola and dished the dirt on Twitter for the world to see – and it’s getting NASTY.

Tom hinted at his Twitter rampage on Sunday night, the day before the public blasting began.
He wrote: When the fuse runs out the bomb goes off‘, including an emoticon of a bomb.
He followed this with, Big day tomorrow‘ and an image of a bomb exploding.

Nicola, a 32-year-old reality star, responded to the Tweet indirectly the next morning. Attempting to discourage Tom‘s revelations, she wrote: Happy Monday! Let’s see what today brings and if some people really have no heart.

But Nicola‘s ex did not take the request well, directly responding with: @NicolaMcLean Let’s call it Mad Monday – Let’s see what today brings shall we.

Tom then accused Nicola of getting close to a married man and even claiming that she lied about her miscarriage, tagging Nicola and her former agent Claire Powell in the Tweet. He wrote:

Wow making up a story about a miscarriage to generate PR has got to be seriously low. @NicolaMcLean @ClaireAtCan @RevealMag 1/2

All those poor families that have to go thru that trauma you have nerve to put out a fake story – disgusting @NicolaMcLean @ClareAtCan 2/2

Receiving no response from Nicola, Tom added:

@NicolaMcLean for someone with an opinion on everything you have gone very quiet?

Although Nicola has yet to publicly respond to the accusations, a representative for the model has said that all Tom‘s claims are untrue, branding him a ‘bullying liar’ and accusing him of threatening his wife.

The pair’s 11-year relationship broke down in July this year after Tom was videoed with his arms around a mystery woman in Las Vegas, where he frequently stays to work. Soon after, Nicola confirmed the marriage split and branded Tom a cheat.

Opening up to Now magazine,
Nicola said: ‘I wanted to kill myself. The thought of not being with Tom
terrified me so much that I would rather have been dead. I’d Google how many
pills I’d need to take to kill myself, then I’d think: “You’ve got the best
boys in the world – you can’t leave these kids.’

The Twitter wars began soon after, when Nicola found out the identity of Tom‘s alleged mistress – a Californian waitress named Priscilla Lopez – and tweeted a photo of the woman wearing one of her jumpsuits, writing:

This is my jumpsuit @prisalterado, you’ve been shagging my husband for months he has lied to both of us


But to prove she has a sense of humour about the betrayal, Nicola went on to nominate mistress Priscilla in her Ice Bucket Challenge video.

Well, the pair have certainly given a meaning to the phrase ‘messy break-up’. And after the recent Twitter drama, who knows what’s going to happen next? One things for sure – it will probably be out there for us aaaall to see.

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