Pussycat Dolls star getting serious about F1 driver

Nicole Scherzinger is planning to take boyfriend Lewis Hamilton to Hawaii to meet her mum Rosemary and step-dad Gary.

The Pussycat Dolls star has been dating the Formula 1 driver since March and has already met his parents.

‘She’s planning the trip to Honolulu, where her mum lives,’ a source reveals.

‘It’s the perfect chance for them to unwind properly. But the main reason is for Lewis to spend some real time with her family. She thinks he’s such a special guy and sees a real future together, but has to get her mum to give it the seal of approval.’

If all goes well, it is thought Nicole, 30, and Lewis, 23, will spend Christmas together.

‘This relationship is no flash in the pan like everyone thought it would be, it’s the real deal and this is the start of something very serious,’ the source tells the News Of The World.

‘They’re planning for the future and trying to work out how they can spend as much time together as possible.’

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