Newly married Peter Andre faces shocking claims from a former TV producer in bitter court dispute

Peter Andre only tied the knot a matter of days ago but he’s can’t head off on honeymoon just yet.

The 42-year-old – who married doctor Emily MacDonagh at Mamhead House in Exeter, Devon on Saturday – has had to put the vacation on hold as he’s been called as a witness in a bitter court dispute between ITV2 and his former TV producer Neville Hendricks.

Hendricks is the former partner of Pete’s manager Claire Powell and is reportedly suing ITV2 for £549,060 for damages and costs after they ended the reality shows he worked on involving Pete and Kerry Katona.

Pete – who starred in several fly-on-the-wall shows with his first wife Katie Price before branching out with his own series following their split – faces shocking accusations from Hendricks, who he’s no longer on speaking terms with.

In his statement the former TV producer claims that Pete wanted to publicly accuse Katie of being unfaithful ‘to cause Katie distress and to boost his own image’.

He’s also alleged that dad-of-three Pete found the glamour model’s disabled son Harvey ‘difficult to be around’ and he says that encouraged the singer to write a song about the 13-year-old, which resulted in the track Unconditional.

‘The song spoke of his love and while I am not saying he did not love him in his own way, that love was not unconditional,’ Hendricks claims.

‘That increased the pressure on Peter to be seen to be taking an interest but the reality was different.’

He went on in the statement to say he ‘had no evidence to support this belief’.

Pete – who had son Junior, 10, and daughter Princess, 8, with Katie – previously successfully got compensation and a public apology from his ex-wife in 2011 after she made comments suggesting he didn’t genuinely care about Harvey. In an interview with Hello! last year, Peter said of Harvey: ‘It was Harvey who taught me to be a father before I became a biological dad. He changed me.’

Following Hendricks’ split from Claire in 2011 he continued working on Pete’s TV shows but things changed when he sent Claire messages described by the judge as ‘pretty unpleasant’.

After this Pete said he couldn’t work with Hendricks anymore and Claire started to make the shows herself.

ITV2 claims that Hendricks isn’t entitled to the money he is seeking as he was in breach of contract.

Pete is expected to give evidence today in the case held at Queen’s Bench Division Commercial Court.

It comes just a day after the Aussie star posted an adorable photo on Instagram showing him taking Emily, 25, back home following their nuptials.

‘Carrying my new wife over the threshold :)))),’ he wrote. Awww!

Peter Andre: ‘I’m so happy to call Emily my wife. I feel like the luckiest man in the world.’