Think you know everything about Friends? Think again…


Ah Friends, our favourite way to while away the time when there’s nothing on the box.

There’s something pretty comforting about watching a show you’ve seen approximately seven hundred times before – until we discovered that actually we don’t know it as well as we thought.


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Turns out there’s a bit of a goof in Friends which nobody seems to have noticed until right now and it belongs in Monica’s apartment.

The culprit? It’s the kitchen window – or, more specifically, the view of what’s outside of it.

Impressively the outlook from this part of the flat changed from episode to episode and we NEVER noticed.

In the pilot, for example, there seems to be a whole other block of flats in view from the illusive window.

Friends Monica's kitchen window

But then after that initial glimpse it was anyone’s game what would appear outside.

Some times there was what looks to be somebody’s clothes lines hanging outside (who can reach that?).

Friends Monica's kitchen window

Then on other occasions there was just a weird dark haze there. Spooky.

Friends Monica's kitchen window

Sometimes it was a plain old brick wall facing the window – what a lovely view, eh? Think we’d even prefer the washing line to that.

Friends Monica's kitchen window

Remember that heartbreaking scene in the final episode with the camera panning around the apartment? Sadly we’re now distracted by the fact that the view outside is TOTALLY different to the first episode.

Friends Monica's kitchen window

Not that we have to worry about it in every episode – in some they just cover it up with a blind which we’ve NEVER seen before.

Friends Monica's kitchen window

All of this is totally blowing our minds right now. Who knew that we’d discover something new about a show which first aired 22 years ago (and ended back in 2004)?

GIF Joey Tribbiani confused face Friends

It’s not the only time lately that secrets have been unearthed about Friends though. Remember last year when a clip was discovered showing Rachel‘s stand-in accidentally caught in a shot with Joey?

And then there was that time a previously unaired clip from The One Where Rachel Tells Ross, showing Monica and Chandler at the airport for their honeymoon, ended up online and everyone got very excited.

Which just goes to show, any mistake can be forgiven when it comes to Friends. Even a constantly evolving window view.

Anna Francis