The Gallaghers' father Tommy fathered a daughter with his mistress

The Oasis brothers’ father has met his 32-year-old daughter Emma Davies for the first time. She was born in Manchester, 11 months after Liam, while Tommy Gallagher was having an affair with her mother June.

Noel and Liam’s mum Peggy split from Tommy, 62, in 1984. In Paulo Hewitt’s biography of the Gallaghers, Liam, now 33, is quoted as saying about his dad: ‘He liked me because I was the youngest. But I didn’t like him. He shouldn’t have got married and had kids if he wasn’t ready for it.’

The brothers are still estranged from their father. Noel, 39, says: ‘I didn’t enjoy growing up – I didn’t enjoy anything until I was 18. That’s where mine and Liam’s anger towards each other comes from.’