December 12th will be a VERY sad day...

Oh no! 2016 was already set to be one of (and we say this with no exaggeration) THE WORST years for music with BOTH  Taylor Swift and One Direction planning to take a break from their music careers, but now, Ed Sheeran has joined the bandwagon too! *sob sob*


But Ed‘s gone and taken it one step further by also revealing that he’ll be going on a media blackout for the entirety of his nine month break too.

And after working for 8 years non-stop we can kiind of see why he’s ready for a break.

In this year alone ‘The A Team’ singer has had two number one singles from his new album ‘x’, bagged two Brit Awards AND released his first movie ‘Jumpers for Goalposts’ too! *insert super shocked emoji face here*

So what’s the famous red-head singer going to do with NINE whole months off then?! …Spend it with his friends and family of course.

To announce his break and media blackout, Ed‘s already planned his first social media post/’sign-off’ as an free man.

He said, ‘I’ll put a post out saying, ‘I’m with friends and family — if you love me you’ll allow me to disappear for a few months and I’ll speak to you in a bit’.’

‘I think a break for me is coming off my phone, social media and emails.’

‘I am constantly on my phone, texting, replying to emails, on Twitter, on Snapchat, on Facebook. I just want to get off it and live and drive to places and listen to music and have normal conversations with people and get back to normality.’

And if you were wondering what the significance of the date December 12th meant… Ed added that ‘I’ve got a packed schedule, then, when December 12 comes, it’s done.’

Well, we’re going to miss you Ed but we’re already excited for your ‘Adele-like’ return….


Emily Thornhill