Was this appropriate?

Holly Willoughby is no stranger to getting the giggles on This Morning but some viewers thought her latest outburst was a bit inappropriate.

The presenter couldn’t help laughing when she and Phillip Schofield interviewed Garry Bedford on Thursday’s show, a man who dresses up as Batman in a bid to stop the ‘killer clown’ fad that’s sweeping the country.


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It’s seen pranksters disguise themselves as clowns to scare members of the public and has resulted in many children feeling scared and even some people getting injured.

Garry is attempting to ease fears, especially for kids, by having a ‘clown hotline’ where he can be reached to get rid of the culprits in his Batman guise but his outfit proved too funny for Holly, 35, during their chat over video link.

As Phillip began asking a question, Holly interrupted with her chuckling and said: ’I’m sorry, it just makes me giggle! It’s only because you’re dressed as Batman!’

Phillip giggled a bit as well but stressed: ‘This is a really serious subject!’

The pair were joined by a clown – fortunately a friendly one – in the studio and Phillip blamed their laughter on him too.

Fortunately they managed to regain their composure and Phillip, 54, added: ‘We don’t usually do this in serious items.’

Holly still looked close to giggles though and viewers were split on social media over her reaction to the topic.

[GIF] Holly Willoughby

Some deemed her laughter inappropriate, with one Twitter user writing: ‘don’t think it was appropriate that holly was laughing at what a good thing that man was doing for scared children. Grow up’

Another said: ‘for once can Holly be more professional. Not funny . These kids are scared’


‘why is Holly laughing when this gentleman is trying to ease the lives of children who find the Killer Clown craze frightening!’ one viewer added.

Meanwhile another posted: ‘Waiting 4 the day Holly gets inappropriate timed giggles during serious topic on @thismorning . I find it so annoying. It’s not celeb juice!’

Some fans took the opposite view though and could see why the presenter couldn’t control her chuckling.

‘#thismorning is surreal today. How are holly and phill keeping it together ?’ an observer on Twitter said, whilst another wrote: ‘It makes my day when Holly and Phillip lose their sh*t on @thismorning’

Do you think Holly’s reaction was funny or a fail? Let us know…