Why has Pauline Quirke put on the weight she battled so hard to lose?

When Birds of a Feather star Pauline Quirke lost an incredible eight stone in a year and dropped from a size 28-12 she became a weight loss inspiration to yo-yo dieters everywhere.

In 2011, Pauline swapped her meals for shakes and survived on just 500 calories a day on the Lighter Life diet plan.

But this week, Pauline‘s become the victim of diet bullies after piling on the weight she battled so hard to lose. Pauline was spotted running errands and appeared to have put on a considerable amount of the weight she’d lost on the strict diet.

The Birds Of A Feather actress, who weighed 19st 6lbs at her heaviest, had diabetes and even needed a hip replacement, finally battled her diet demons after feeling embarrassed when she needed to ask for a seat belt extension on a plane.

Pauline spoke about the moment she decided to finally beat her diet demons, saying, ‘As I walked up the stairs to the plane I just got the fear. I thought of something I knew was going to go wrong and cursed myself for not thinking of it six months before, and doing something about it. I felt like c**p, to have to do that in front of my husband and kids.’

Seven months later the once morbidly obese star lost a third of her body weight. Pauline confessed she felt like a new woman, saying, ‘After 30 years, I’ve finally said goodbye to my elasticated waist- bands.’ And she even released a best-selling book, Where Have I Gone, documenting her life-changing weight loss.

But despite once saying, ‘I was miserable, I’m just fat because I’m greedy. I eat and drink too much and I exercise too little,’ Pauline has quit her strict diet and exercise plan.

In 2012, Pauline admitted she was ‘learning to eat again’ and was terrified of what would happen when she came off the diet, saying, ‘The warning you get over and over is that if you go back to eating normally, the weight will pile back on. But that can’t happen. And what people don’t get is that eating ‘normally’ doesn’t apply to me. I can’t totally ignore food, but I’m not stupid. If I go back to my old habits, that’s it. Why would I put myself through all this just for it to go back on?’

If you’re happy Pauline, that’s all that matters.

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