You totally deserve it, Amy Schumer!


Is there anything Amy Schumer can’t do? This year, she’s been unstoppable, starring in blockbuster film Trainwreck, winning an Emmy for her sketch comedy series Inside Amy Schumer and scoring a $9 million book deal. And now the comedian had yet another achievement that she should be really, really proud of: she is being paid a salary between $4-5 million to star in her next film, which is over 1000% more than the $300,000 she was paid for Trainwreck.

Not a bad pay rise there, Amy! Given the age-old controversy over female actresses not receiving equal pay in Hollywood, it is promising that Amy – along with friend Jennifer Lawrence, now the world’s highest-paid actress – are negotiating to get the same sky-high salaries as their male equivalents.

The Fox film, directed by Jonathan Levine, is untitled at the moment – but what we do know is that Amy and her sister Kim Caramele will be allowed to adapt the original script, written by Katie Dippold, to fit the comedian’s characteristic sense of humour. We also know that the film is a mother-daughter comedy set during a holiday, and is based on Dippold’s relationship with her own mother. Amy will be playing the daughter.

Amy, voted the ‘class clown’ at her high school in New York, has been doing stand-up comedy since 2004 – and has no plans for taking a break anytime soon. Showcasing the self-deprecating humour she has become known for, Amy recently announced at the annual Elle Women in Hollywood awards: ‘You’re going to be seeing this f**king cabbage patch for a long time!’ We hope so, Amy!

Francesca Specter