As Cadbury confirm they've ditched their famous chocolate coins, we remember our other favourite childhood sweets

How much pocket money did you get to go the local newsagents? We don’t want to make you jealous, but we got FIFTY PENCE EVERY SINGLE SATURDAY.

It’s cool, no big deal.

It was a pretty important weekly ritual, where we had to choose from the likes of (this is just off the top of our heads)…

Curly Wurlys
Fruit Polos
Wham Bars
Coconut mushrooms
White chocolate mice
Pink and white nougat
Flying Saucers
Fruit Salads and Black Jacks
Dib Dab
Candy Sticks
Candy Whistles
Drumstick Lolly
Milk Gums
Fizzy Cola Bottles

While Mum bought a Walnut Whip because THAT was a grown up thing.

And every Christmas, we would also get Cadbury chocolate money in our Christmas stocking because it was tradition.

So it’s pretty sad news today that the chocolate makers over at Cadbury have confirmed they’ve stopped making them.

They confirmed it in a tweet, after a horrified tweeter declared it a ‘Disaster. Christmas stockings won’t be the same.’

CadburyUK replied: ‘Chocolate coins have been discontinued however we have lots of other chocolatey treats to try.’

Understandably devastated and definitely not overreacting Tweeters wrote,

‘Cadbury stops making chocolate coins. Christmas for millions ruined.’

‘@CadburyUK Oh god. It’s just one currency crisis after another.’

‘@CadburyUK Shocking. Is it moving with the times and providing chocolate debit cards instead?’

Someone even started a petition, which at the time of writing had only, er, one signature, but it’s still sort-of evidence of how semi-strongly the public feel about this.

We actually spoke to Cadbury’s press office (we are serious journalists, you guys), who pointed out that they had lots of other Christmassy chocolatey joy to share this year, including something called a Mousse Snowman, which isn’t coin shaped, but sounds pretty nice.

Hey Cadbury, if you have any leftover stockpiles of chocolate coins taking up space in your offices, you totally know where we are.

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