You'll never guess which boy band heart-throb has the hots for X Factor singer Lauren Platt!


She’s already one of The X Factor firm favourites to make it to the final, but it isn’t just the stage Lauren Platt‘s hotting up.

It’s emerged this week the pint-sized pop star has herself a boy band admirer in the form of Union J‘s Josh Cuthbert.

Although we didn’t quite see this pairing coming, it wouldn’t be the first X Factor romance to catch us off guard.

We’ll never forget the day pictures emerged of One Direction‘s Zayn Malik smooching Little Mix‘s Perrie Edwards, and now look at them!

Josh first met Lauren this week during a stop by the studios which made him famous several years ago, and he soon took to Twitter to express his joy at meeting her.

‘I have to say I’ve just seen @laurenplatt7 looking ever so sexy in her hair foils ;)!!!! Lovely to meet YA! good luck this weekend!!! X’ he wrote.

Even with Lauren in the midst of her weekly hair and make-up transformation, it seems Josh still found the star ‘sexy’ and included a cheeky wink face.

How romantic!

Lauren, who has a boyfriend back home in Essex, instantly pinged back how it was ‘lovely’ to meet the former X Factor star too, followed by a couple of cheeky typed out kisses.

Although Lauren has shown nothing but loyalty so far to her unnamed other half, the same sadly can’t be said about him.

‘My boyfriend said to me “I want Andrea to win and you to come second”,’ Lauren recently revealed to the Radio Times.

And they say romance is dead?

Josh isn’t the only X Factor-related person to show an interest so far either, Harry Styles’ very own mother Anne Twist has also tweeted her ‘love’ for the star.

Imagine if she played match maker and hooked her son up.

Now THAT’D be an X Factor romance to talk about!

Joshua Fox