It seems the rumours about a romance between Lauren Platt and Charlie George could be true!


The X Factor may be over, but it seems the budding romance between Lauren Platt and Only The Young‘s Charlie George isn’t showing any signs of stopping.

After Lauren unexpectedly broke things off with her long-term boyfriend Liam Baker while in the whirlwind of the show, the rumours her and Charlie could become more than ‘just friends’ seem truer than ever.

As this year’s X Factor acts descended onto London’s West End for the star-studded Wicked UK press night on Thursday, we couldn’t help but notice there were two people missing as the curtain called.

Lauren and Charlie.

Are they, aren’t they?

More like, where are they?

It seems not even Charlie’s Only The Young band mates Parisa Tarjomani, Betsy-Blue English and Mikey Bromly knew where the pint sized pop star was.

‘We don’t know where Charlie is,’ they told us while chatting to Now on the green carpet before the show started. ‘We’re calling him now’

Eventually he did arrive and snuck in to find his seat 20 minutes after the show had started. Interestingly Lauren also slipped into the theatre at the same time.

Sat on opposite ends of their row, despite both arriving late, it seemed the stars couldn’t keep apart with Lauren immediately rushing to his side during the show’s interval.

One person not too happy with the pop pairing though was EastEnders star Harry Reid (who plays Ben Mitchell).

Harry was sat directly behind the female X Factor finalist with his agent. If Lauren’s late arrival wasn’t enough to infuriate – her whispering into the ear of her gal pal and then checking her iPhone certainly was.

‘Shh,’ they muttered, after Harry’s agent tapped the 17-year-old on the shoulder.


If looks could kill, then we now know who took out Lucy Beale thanks to the actor behind Ben Mitchell‘s scowl at the X Factor star.

To summarise:

The inseperable Lauren and Charlie would make a very CUTE couple, but talking in the theatre is not cool.