90s heartthrob Adam Rickitt steps back in time with the help of a large fridge and Dane Bowers

Let’s cast our minds back 15 years…

Adam Rickitt had just left Coronation Street to pursue a pop career.

We were all left a little breathless after his debut video for I Breathe Again famously featured him fully naked inside a glass box.

And we’ve had a slight soft spot for the bleached blonde pop star since.

Now over a decade later, The Big Reunion star Adam has had another reunion of his own – by stripping off and climbing into a large Coca Cola drinks fridge to recreate the iconic nude scene from the video!


Although we don’t necessarily condone climbing into refrigerators whilst naked, we don’t blame Adam for leaving his socks on this time as we imagine there was a bit of a chill.

Let’s not even mention the hygiene reasons either.

Something tells us former on-screen mother Gail Platt wouldn’t have been best pleased if he’d pulled this stunt in her kitchen down the cobbles.

The shot comes courtesy of Dane Bowers, who seemed absolutely insistent on stripping the Breathe Again singer off.

‘We said we would get him naked in a box at some point! Not a lot of budget on this tour!’ he Tweeted.

Adam and Dane are currently touring the country on The Big Reunion tour which features the likes of 5ive, Blue and 911, following the success of the second season of the hit ITV show.

And yes, we’d probably had booked our tickets sooner if we knew it’d involve the possibility of a nearly naked Adam being stripped off by Dane.

Now THAT’d be a show worth seeing.

Let’s get all nostalgic and remind ourselves of the video and fall in love all over again…..

Joshua Fox