Little Mix’s Perrie Edwards is loking a little plumped up in the mouth area

Little Mix cutie Perrie Edwards made us look twice with her recent Instagram snap, where we can’t help but notice her lips are looking rather plump.

Although the star has always had a naturally full mouth, she appears pout-ier than ever in the image of her cuddling her dog and smiling into the camera on Thursday.

Both Perrie’s top and bottom lips look larger than usual but hey, it could just be some good work applying lipliner for that contoured look.

At just 21 years old, Perrie is a natural beauty who is notorious for changing up her look, having dyed her locks more colours than a rainbow made of Skittles.

In 2013, Little Mix were asked if any of them would undergo plastic surgery and though most of them answered ‘no’, Perrie simply said: ‘But we don’t know how we’re going to feel when we’re 40.’

When we contacted Perrie‘s representatives, they declined to comment on the subject.

Perrie has been engaged to One Direction boyfriend Zayn Malik since August 2013 and there are rumours that the wedding could be taking place next year.

So perhanps Perries is simply testing out new techniques for the perfect bridal look?

According to speculation, the ‘Zerrie‘ wedding is due to cost a whopping £1.2million. The couple is reportedly pulling out all the stops, hoping to tie the knot on an exotic Carribbean beach with a ceremony including Indian elements, in line with Zayn‘s heritage.

And the rest of the wedding might even have a Disney theme, she said: ‘I do love Disney so [a themed wedding] would be amazing.’

The Little Mix star is also rumoured to want 27 bridesmaids. Yep, TWENTY-SEVEN!

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