X Factor dancer Danielle Peazer has been the victim of terrible Twitter abuse with her One Direction relationship in the past

Hell hath no fury like a jealous boyband fan, and there’s no faster way to become a public enemy than to date a member of one.

X Factor dancer and blogger Danielle Peazer learnt this the hard way back in 2010 when she became Liam Payne from One Direction‘s girlfriend. Twitter was still relatively young, and while more measures are in line to help keep trolls at bay nowadays, back then the concept was shocking and new to victims.

In fact when she and Liam split up the abuse and death threats that Danielle received were allegedly partly to blame.

Shortly before the split Liam said: ‘Danielle’s got over a million followers on Twitter, it’s just crazy. She’s been getting stopped in the street. She got chased by some girl in the park the other day, which is scary.

‘They seem to have settled to the idea now, but every so often she gets death threats and stuff and she doesn’t need that. Danielle’s not the most confident person in the world and really takes note of what people say.’

Now if the rumours are to be believed, Danielle, 26, has bagged herself another X Factor boy and is dating Casey Johnson from boyband Stereo Kicks.

A source told The Sun, that it’s ‘the first proper X Factor romance this year’ and that the two have been going clubbing together. 

After going through the upset of being constantly trolled during her previous relationship, is this a bit of a bold step choosing to go out another boyband member?

Despite extreme trolling being a punishable offence nowadays it is still something that is very much a problem – especially for the girlfriends of the famous.

Liam has had to defend his current girlfriend Sophia Smith from Twitter abuse, Louis Tomlinson‘s long-term other half Eleanor Calder hasn’t tweeted since April 26th due to bullying, and Caroline Flack continued to get death threats months after she and Harry Styles split.

It’s not just 1D girlfriends who fall victim, recently Robert Pattison‘s new girlfriend FKA Twigs took to Twitter to slam those who have been racist towards her since finding out about their relationship.

So is the lovely Danielle Peazer opening herself up to a whole new load of cyber-bullying? Or will her newfound status of ‘popular blogger and style icon’ protect her from the hate?

Whatever’s to come, we think you’re awesome, Danielle, and hope that haters don’t get in the way of your new relationship.

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