But Katie… we thought you were done with all that?


A while ago Katie Price told us that she was turning her back on Botox and embracing having a face that moved. Then when she returned to her natural boobs at the end of last year, we thought that there might be a chance that she was completely done with all things fake and was going to enjoy being her naturally gorgeous self.

But on Tuesday afternoon the 36-year-old tweeted a picture of herself make up free and freshly Botoxed. She captioned a snap of herself, posted on YouGossip: ‘Makeup off and just had botox… a pop star went in the clinic after ;)’

OK, first of all: ooohhhh, we wonder who the pop star was, and secondly: You told us you wouldn’t have any more Botox Ms. Katie Price, make your mind up!

In September 2013, Pricey said to us that she hadn’t had Botox ‘for the longest time.’

She added: ‘I can actually see wrinkles, smile lines and movement around my eyebrows.’

And even more shockingly, the artist formerly known as Jordan said: ‘I have to admit I don’t mind my new wrinkles at all.’

It was reported that Katie had originally given up Botox in 2010 because she was trying for a baby with Alex Reid and was told that injecting your face with the stuff is bad for conceiving and the feotus, so we guess this means that the model and business woman won’t be trying for another baby for a while yet.

We really wish Katie and so many other gorgeous celebs would step away from Botox. While there’s nothing wrong at all for wanting to make the best of yourself and expressing yourself with clothes, makeup and hairstyles, some cosmetic procedures go a bit too far.

Aren’t people curious to find out how they age? Women look gorgeous as they get older and wearing your smile lines is going to make you look far more beautiful and give you loads more character than freezing your face in time ever will.

What do you think of Katie Price and her quest for perfection? Should she leave Botox alone and embrace her natural beauty?

Let us know @NowMag.

Lauren Franklin