As the verdict to the trial finally comes in, you have to wonder what’s going through Oscar Pistorius' new girlfriend’s head…

The verdict is in. Twenty months after the death of model Reeva Steenkamp, her boyfriend, Oscar Pistorius is going to jail. He was sentenced to five years for culpable homicide (manslaughter) and given a suspended sentence for a firearms offence.

And while Reeva‘s family admitted to being ‘very glad it’s over’, and Oscar was driven away from the courtroom in a police van flanked by officers in bulletproof vests, there was one question left to answer: will his new girlfriend stick by him?

Most of us didn’t even know she existed, but they’ve actually been dating since last year and she was first named in February as 19-year-old paramedic Leah Skye Malan. Leah was even mentioned in court this week as the prosecutor, Gerrie Nel referred to Oscar having a ‘new life’ waiting for him – including a relationship.

The pair apparently met in Mozambique last December while she was holidaying with her mum, dad and younger brother. Things got serious quickly as Leah was said to be supporting Oscar through the trial, with reports claiming: ‘She’s introduced him to all her family. They have embraced him.’ But will the teenager be willing to wait for Oscar, 27, who is set to spend at least 10 months in jail?

The paralympian has been very emotional during the trial, which began in March and was originally set to run for three weeks, crying openly and even vomiting in court. But onlookers said he remained ‘impassive’ as the judge gave her final statements.

Oscar had admitted killing Reeva on 14 February 2013 after he shot four rounds from a handgun through a locked toilet door in his apartment. But he has always insisted it was a mistake, saying he thought it was an intruder.

He will now be heading to the main prison in Pretoria, which one South African lawyer described as being, ‘a cold, harsh reality for [Oscar],’ after the past year spent living in his uncle Arnold‘s luxury mansion.

It’s been a long road for Reeva‘s loved ones who can – hopefully – finally begin to put this tragedy behind them. But, as her best friend Gina Myers told reporters at the courthouse, ‘No matter what the outcome is, nothing’s going to bring her back.’

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Lucy Vine