Liam Payne from One Direction shared a video of him singing on Twitter and Instagram

As we all sit patiently waiting for new music from One Direction (any time you’re ready boys), our favourite Wolverhampton boy has treated our ears with some new solo material of his own. But it might not be what you expect.

Posting a video to his Twitter, 21-year-old Liam Payne was caught singing in the shower about just how fresh and clean he was getting, with such profound lyrics as ‘washing my hair feels so good.’ We can smell a Grammy in the midst!

Liam is heard hitting some pretty impressive high notes – Sam Smith, you better watch out! And out favourite bit? Our boy Liam finishing his masterpiece off with: ‘Oh yeahhh bitches!’ What a finish!

He captioned the video saying: ‘Today’s shower song was caught on cam thanks to someone … Thought I might as well share #nextalbum #SqueakyCleanDream’

Not gonna lie. Squeaky Clean Dream is pretty catchy – we’re on board!

We have a feeling that the certain someone that Liam mentioned is long-term girlfriend Sophia Smith, who he seems to be enjoying a holiday at the happiest place on earth.

The boyband member has been posting photos of his time at Disney World in Florida, including a dreamy shot of the iconic magical kingdom, and him in a Goofy hat and Sophia with Minnie Mouse ears on. Young love’s dream!

But, he was caught with another woman! A princess nonetheless. He shared a snap of him and princess Rapunzel, while his other half looked on and laughed at his pout.

‘Just hanging with a couple of princesses ;)’ Liam captioned the pic. Cute!

Maybe his trip to Disney might give Liam some inspiration? We’re thinking the One Direction boys covering Hakuna Matata. Or Toy Story classic, You’ve Got A Friend In Me maybe?

They always have Liam’s bubbly bath-time bangers to rely on too!

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 Amy Lo