1D fit a toilet break into their shows

Liam Payne admits that his One Direction bandmates pick a rather inconvenient moment to nip to the toilet during their gigs. They can’t help taking the p*ss!

The lads usually go to the loo in the middle of the show – just when Liam is trying to give a talk to the huge crowd.

‘It’s always in the middle of my speech!’ says Liam, 21.

The singer admits that chatting to such an enormous audience of One Direction lovers can be quite overwhelming at times.

‘The thing for me is, how do we know how to do this?’ he says.

‘Most people would struggle to do a best man’s speech at a wedding, and we’ve got three speeches to make in the middle of the show to 80,000 people…’

Liam Payne is very aware of how far the boys have come. He can still recall the small crowd that gathered when they did their first concert in Glasgow.

‘There were about 800 people there,’ he remembers.

‘The vibe was huge! We were all too young to be in a club, except for Louis [Tomlinson]!’

Over the years One Direction‘s fame has grown to astonishing levels and their fanbase is perhaps the biggest in the world.

It means that ardent 1D admirers will go to extreme lengths to get closer to the group. Last year Liam Payne revealed how some fans tried to gain access during their US tour.

‘A girl hid in a bin so she could try to sneak in the back entrance of where we were performing,’ the singer said in 2013.

‘But she got caught. It didn’t work out too well for her.’

Liam admits that the boys don’t get as much attention in public if they’re out on their own though.

‘You can go places,’ he previously told Celebs On Sunday.

‘I went to Westfield yesterday with my mates. The time it gets really out of control is when you’re all going to be in the same place at the same time, because it can create a crowd.

‘The rest of the time when we’re on our own, it’s easier.’

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