The dad of One Direction's Louis Tomlinson was found trying to gas himself in his car

Louis Tomlinson’s dad has been found in his car, apparently trying to commit suicide and gas himself, while drunk says reports from The Sun.

The One Direction member’s dad, Troy, was arrested on the suspicion of drink-driving, and continued to try and self-harm after being taken to a police station.

A friend of Troy has said that this has nothing to do with Louis and that he is battling with depression after friends have said they don’t want anything to do with him anymore.

‘It’s tragic. He’s lost all of his friends. They’ve all disowned him.’

The 23-year-old boyband member hasn’t spoken to his biological dad for the past 3 years after an argument over the phone.

It’s been reported that Louis’ relationship with Troy has been a difficult one since his parents split up when he was five-years-old. He later took the surname of his stepdad Mark Tomlinson.

Troy recently revealed and threatened to release a ‘bombshell’ claim about the One Direction member if they didn’t resolve their issues and mend their relationship soon.

But Louis hit back at his dad and tweeted: ‘Blackmail????? Stupid man. Got a good mind to pay you a visit!!!’

Troy’s friend has said that he’s ‘drinking heavily’ and has a dope smoking habit, which is certain to mess with his mind.

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