X Factor star tweets shock naked pictures


With ‘sex tapes’ and saucy snaps leading A-listers like Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian onto global fame and recognition, it’s hardly surprising Stereo Kicks star Jake Sims, 19, assumed the answer to his singing success would be in his trousers.

Or that’s at least what we’re assuming he thought – because why else would aspiring Jake purposely post his penis out to the world?

Two years prior to his new-found X Factor fame, we’ve discovered hopeful Jake happily tweeted out his own ‘nude’ with the aim of garnering attention for his then solo career with the following caption:

‘here’s my nude, lol. Yolo x x ((sorry if you see this mum))’

Laugh out loud, you only live once and an apology to his Mother?

I suppose if you are going to share your willy with the web, you may as well chuck in a couple of Internet acronyms too for good measure.

We’re not quite sure that apology is going to cut it with Mummy Sims though! Awks!

The image which has since been deleted, showed Jake stood naked in front of a large mirror whilst tugging at his, um, nether regions with a rather suggestive facial expression.

Obviously we had to analyse for journalistic purposes only.

With the image spreading across social media throughout Sunday, we like to think Stereo Kicks chose to sing I’ll Stand By You during their bottom two sing-off with Chloe-Jasmine Whichello in support of their bandmate and his leaked genitalia.

Which is probably a good thing, because after we discovered ANOTHER nude shot of the wannabe boy bander on his now inactive 2011 blog, it’s likely there’s a lot more for them to stand by as content continues to emerge!

This second shot however was far more tasteful.

Rather than exposing his full self, a naked Jake concealed his bits by balancing a Santa hat over it and uploading the shot on Christmas day.

…because nothing says Happy Holidays quite like a skinny teenager in a dimly lit room with a festive hat over his willy?

Hmm! We wonder what mentor Louis Walsh will make of all this!

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