We take it Charlotte Crosby isn’t the biggest fan of Mark Wright then…

Charlotte Crosby has launched a pretty scathing attack on her fellow reality TV star Mark Wright.

The 25-year-old Geordie Shore lass hit out at former TOWIE face Mark, 28, after learning that he’d appeared on Strictly Come Dancing last year, a show that Charlotte herself would love to be on but claims she’s heard can be rather snobbish about contestants.

Charlotte was clearly surprised that Mark had landed a place on the glitzy series and said: ‘I don’t know why, but people bow down to him as if he’s some kind of king, when really he’s quite s**t and he doesn’t have that much of a personality!’

Ooh-er, that’s quite a statement, Charl! Mark has been a busy boy since he left TOWIE in 2011, having carved out a career for himself as a TV presenter and DJ.

As well as working on big shows such as Surprise Surprise and Take Me Out: The Gossip, he’s even had his own series including the ITV2 shows Mark Wright’s Hollywood Nights and Party Wright Around The World.

But Charlotte for one isn’t sure how he’s landed so many jobs. In an interview with Star magazine the Newcastle girl added: ‘Why does he keeping getting work?!’

Blimey, say what you think eh Charlotte?! Mark doesn’t appear to have responded to the straight-talking star’s remarks yet but we’d love to know what he thinks about it!

Despite not being a fan of Mark, Charlotte is clearly still a reality TV addict. The Geordie girl – who won Celebrity Big Brother in 2013 – enjoys several different series and has a soft spot for X Factor judge Cheryl.

‘I can’t wait for The X Factor to return – I love Saturday night TV,’ she says. ‘When I stay in, I like a reason for it so I can get excited.

‘Obviously I’m excited to see my Geordie girl Cheryl – I love everything about her. I’m also looking forward to seeing Rita [Ora] as she’s dead feisty.

‘I’ll miss Dermot [O’Leary], but Caroline [Flack] and Olly [Murs] will be great.’

So a summary of Charlotte Crosby TV likes and dislikes – no to Mark Wright, yes to Cheryl.

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