Winning The X Factor could help the 4th Impact girls raise money to help their ill father

4th Impact are one of the favourite acts to win this year’s X Factor and it turns out that the girls have a very poignant reason for wanting to come out on top.

Filipino sisters Almira, 27, Irene, 25, Mylene, 23, and Celena Cercado, 19, hope to raise enough money so that their dad can receive treatment for a brain tumour which could cause blindness if nothing is done to help.


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It’s clearly a very upsetting matter for the girls but 59-year-old father Dominador’s illness is spurring them on to succeed.

‘Our dad can’t work now as he has a brain mass and when it gets bigger he is going to be blind,’ says Almira.

‘He needs an operation but we don’t have the money to pay for it. That’s one of the main reasons we want to do the X Factor.

‘He was diagnosed last year and he has been hospitalised, but we need money for the operation. We need to raise £10,000 to pay for it.

Irene adds: ‘His illness has affected us so much. Every time we sing, it’s for him. It’s our motivation. He inspires us.’

Dominador used to work as a machinist, Irene explains, but now ‘pushes a cart and collects rubbish’.

The family come from a poor neighbourhood in Santiago and 4th Impact wish their dad could come over to the UK to see them wowing the crowds on The X Factor.

‘Sometimes when we sing he can’t see or us or hear us as he’s unwell,’ Irene tells the Mirror. ‘It’s very hard for us to be strong and it’s our motivation.

‘He inspires us and we would love him to come over to the UK and see us in the X Factor.’

Sadly it’s not the only thing weighing on the girls’ minds right now. The Philippines has been experiencing severe flooding from Typhoon Koppu and it’s a worry for 4th Impact.

‘I think there is no electricity in our hometown,’ says Almira.

‘Their houses are destroyed and I think our relatives are safe, we are thankful for that, but knowing we were born from there and there’s a big calamity that they are facing right now it’s very terrible.

‘Now we are experiencing this glamour on X Factor but then our relatives there are experiencing that, it’s very heartbreaking.’

4th Impact will face the judges’ houses round of the competition this weekend when they try to impress Cheryl in Rome.

Anna Francis