Socialite expected to hold huge Labor Day bash tomorrow


Paris Hilton is said to be livid that LA County Sheriff Leroy Baca has outlawed gatherings on Malibu‘s shorelines.

The heiress has a seafront home and often throws impromptu beach parties. And a friend says she’s even considering breaking the ban and holding a bash to celebrate the Labor Day holiday tomorrow.

The sheriff has warned there will be strict penalties for anyone who breaks the order. But 27-year-old Paris – who served time in jail last year after a drink-drive charge – isn’t worried.

‘She’s been telling people she hopes she’s dragged away with a cocktail in hand so that this issue makes headlines,’ a source tells the Daily Star.

Ironically, it was Sheriff Baca who converted her 45-day prison sentence for breaking the terms of her probation to house arrest. She spent just 79 hours behind bars.