Comedian got nipped in his own home


Talk show host Paul O’Grady was bitten by a venomous snake at his home.

He was nipped on the arm by an adder as he loaded wood onto a fire last weekend.

‘I didn’t realise I was bitten at first but I looked at my right arm and there was blood gushing down from it,’ he explains.

‘I saw two puncture marks and I realised I had been bitten – and it must have been a snake.

‘It really started to hurt and then I saw the snake on top of the logs.

‘I think it had crawled from inside the hollow of the log.’

Paul, 53, removed the 2ft reptile from his home in Aldington, Kent, with a broom before he contacted his local hospital for advice.

‘He was a bit shaken as anyone would be,’ his rep tells the Daily Mirror. ‘But he’s fine now and can see the funny side to all this.

‘Apparently this sort of thing is rather commonplace where Paul lives because he is right out in the middle of the countryside.’

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