Bob: Party pictures are rubbish

Newspaper photographs of 17-year-old Peaches Geldof, daughter of Sir Bob and the late Paula Yates, appear to show her at a party with a tube of white paper being held in front of her face.

But Aaron Azagury Grimes, shown proffering the item, insists it is simply a rolled-up cigarette and allegations that she’s ever taken drugs have been vehemently denied.

Her dad has told friends that the pictures are ‘a load of s**t’ and Peaches told the Sunday Mirror that she’s never done coke. ‘I’m not stupid, why would I do that in front of a camera?’ she said.

The schoolgirl was just 11 when her mother died of an overdose in September 2000 at the age of 41.

Peaches, who is still under the legal age to drink, enjoys clubbing and has worked as a DJ with friend Fiona Richie under the name Trash Pussies.

She has done well in her AS exams and Sir Bob says: ‘If I honestly thought she was doing anything, I’d go f***ing berserk.’