Forget Matthew and Tom, Penelope Cruz now lives with her Mexican 'stalker'

Her relationships with Hollywood actors Tom Cruise and McConaughey are now just memories but Penelope Cruz couldn’t be happier.

She’s living in LA with Vino, a street dog who took a fancy to her when she was filming Bandidas in Mexico.

‘Do you know something? I don’t even know if I believe in marriage,’ she tells You magazine. ‘I need to figure that out for myself before everyone in the press tries to get me married.’

The 31-year-old actress says that when she first saw her new four-legged housemate – a black mongrel who’s part labrador – he was very traumatised and bleeding round the neck.

‘He started following me around,’ she explains. ‘He followed me to my hotel and then, of course, I couldn’t leave him. I took him home with me and he is very happy now.’

Penelope plans to adopt a son or daughter one day and admits, ‘I would like to have a child of my own, but more importantly I would love to adopt, and I will. I almost feel I won’t be complete until I do.’