From reality TV winner to A* toilet cleaner

Ten years after winning Big Brother 2006, Pete Bennett is now working as a ‘celebrity cleaner’.

No, he doesn’t clean famous people’s flats: he is the famous person cleaning your flat! The star has joined the business in order to make a bit of cash. The company is called Celebriclean. Yeah.

He won £100,000 on the Channel 4 show, but the star has since battle drug addiction and even admitted on The Jeremy Kyle that he was homeless last year. However, now he’s planning on getting back on his feet by charging £100 to do literally ANY bit of cleaning.


On the role, Pete said: ‘I don’t mind getting my hands dirty and I’ll do any sort of cleaning job.

Pete Bennett

Pete and Nikki Graham did showmances BEFORE they were cool [REX/Shutterstock]

‘I think other celebrities will definitely come on board because there are a lot who need money between the work. It’ll be a good laugh. I love meeting new people.

‘It’s definitely a novel way of getting a cleaner in but it’s not a gimmick, I will definitely clean their homes, I’m pretty good at it.’

But what happened to Pete Bennett after Big Brother? Shortly after winning, the reality star — who has Tourette’s Syndrome, wrote his autobiography. He also donated a large amount of his prize money to the Tourette’s Syndrome Association.

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He later had a pop career as ‘Daddy Fantastic’ and then later on with Pete Bennett And The Love Dogs. Sadly, he became homeless after becoming addicted to ketamine.

Pete thought the best way to sort his life out would be with some soul searching and so planned a trip travelling around Vietnam. In order to say thank you for the donation when things were good, the Tourette’s Syndrome Association paid for his ticket.

Best of luck to Pete with his newest job! We might need to get him round the Now office soon. Too much celebrity rubbish lying around, we could do with a celeb cleaner.