BB's - and Nikki's - favourite housemate 'wants to be a porn star'

Friends of BB star Pete Bennett claim he dreams of being a porn star.

Close pal Becki Seddicki tells The People today that the 34-year-old Tourettes sufferer revealed his impressive manhood at the lesbian wedding of former BB contestant Kitten Pinder.

Becki insists that Pete wasn’t in the least bashful as he cheerfully undid his trousers and displayed his impressive tackle while onlookers took photos.

She says: ‘I was worried he didn’t know what he was doing. But Pete was totally up for it and kept saying it was OK because he wanted to be a porn star.’

Model Lillian France, 27, also claims that Brighton-based Pete loves to wear frocks and full make-up to make love. And other pals allege that he’s taken part in threesomes and once loved to get stoned on the horse tranquilliser Ketamine.