The Pirate of Brentwood's had enough


When someone makes a style choice that differs from the norm, it’s expected that while some are going to love the boldness, haters are still gonna hate.

This is exactly what’s happened to dear Pete Wicks. While many of the other boys of TOWIE and the showbiz world at large keep their hair quite short, Pete’s lengthy brown locks buck the trend – and it’s caused a bit of a debate!

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Currently on holiday in Mexico, Pete recently posted a pic of himself letting his hair down – literally – from its usual messy bun, joking: ‘This bird is looking lovely from behind…’

This bird is lovely looking from behind…😂 #Mexico #BirdsBarnet

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While hundreds of comments are in favour, some have mocked him for looking ‘feminine’.

After seemingly reading one hatin’ comment too many, Pete took to his Twitter account late on Thursday night to address those who have issues with his locks once and for all:

Pete Wicks hair tweet

‘People commenting on my hair…Sorry I don’t have a short back and sides but I like it so why don’t you wind your necks in! #Ssshh’

Attaboy, Pete!

Pete Wicks TOWIE GIF

His fans quickly stepped in to support him, with some revealing that they find that it’s his most attractive trait, while others expressed how jealous they were not to have hair like his…

Pete Wicks love hair tweet 2Pete Wicks love hair tweet 1

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And if nothing else, one person who’s clearly a fan is his TOWIE love interest, Megan McKenna. Their relationship gets hotter by the day – and despite the fact that Megan’s also away on holiday in Miami, they’ve still found the time to indulge in a bit of online flirting – about tans.

Megan Pete tans

Ahh, love’s young Essex dream.

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