The TOWIE star looks pretty different in his old photo


If you try to picture Pete Wicks in your mind, there are a few key features that will surely pop up: his flowing locks… his tattoos… his piercing blue eyes… you catch our drift.

However, remove one of these major focal points and it seems that some of the TOWIE fella’s fans can barely even recognise him – as after sharing a picture of his passport photo online, Pete’s had to deny having had an EYE transplant because of how different some say he looks now…

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This is not the first time that pictures from Pete’s past have caused queries with the public – he used to rock a shaved head, which made many draw comparisons between him and Coronation Street Shayne Ward!

However, the most recent photo causing a drama was shared to Instagram on Sunday (28th May). TV star Pete appears to have brown eyes instead of blue – which has stirred some of his followers to question whether he’s had work done.

‘New passport photo… wouldn’t even know it was the same bloke! 10 years and a lot more hair!’ Pete began his caption to the ‘then and now’ pictures of himself, before addressing the issue of the different eye colours: ‘And for the record, no I do not wear coloured contacts! I have no idea why my eyes look brown in the first photo!’

However, there were some who weren’t entirely convinced with his protests, and went ahead with accusing him of faking his eye colour.

‘Looooooooool Pete it’s a lie. That’s not you? Did you get work done? So many questions.’

‘Gutted ur blue ocean coloured eyes aren’t natural’, replied one fan, while another wrote: ‘Different coloured eyes ???? Bullsh*t’.

Pete, clearly determined to prove the naysayers wrong, then posted a picture of himself as a young child – and his eyes are, indeed, blue.

‘There you go for all you numbnuts that think I’ve had some sort of eye transplant! It’s just an old dodgy passport picture that have made them look brown….born with blue eyes!’

So now we know – not only are Pete’s eyes truly blue, but he’s been a complete cutie at every stage of his life!