Worried Pete tells Jordan’s boyfriend to be careful with his cross-dressing


Peter Andre has warned Jordan‘s lover not to dress up in ladies’ clothes in front of his children – otherwise there’ll be trouble!

The doting father is worried that seeing Alex Reid in drag will affect Harvey, 7, Junior, 4, and Princess, 2.

He says: I’m not going to criticise, I’m not going to say: “How dare you do this or that”, just don’t do it in front of the kids. Give me that little bit of respect.’

Pete‘s already annoyed about the amount of time Alex, 34 – who admits cross-dressing on ‘special occasions’ – is spending with his children.

Our source says: ‘Pete‘s always been suspicious of Alex – this has just made it even worse. He’s watching every step he makes.’

As relations are at an all-time low between Pete, 36, and Jordan 31, it remains to be seen whether she or Alex will listen to Pete‘s plea.

One source reveals to Now: We doubt Jordan will take any notice, we’re hoping that she’s also sensible enough to realise that it’s not appropriate in front of the children.’

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 Chris White New Editor