Did you spot it?


Telly favourite, Peter Andre might live his own life in the spotlight but the dad-of-four has been pretty vocal about keeping his youngest children away from prying eyes.

The 44-year-old and his wife, Emily MacDonagh have two adorable kids together – Amelia and Theo – but we rarely get a glimpse of their life as a family which is why fans were SO excited with Pete’s latest social media shot.

Taking to Instagram, the pop star shared a gorgeous picture of his three-year-old daughter running around amongst the grass in little wellies with the caption: ‘Can I just take a moment. Amelia picking daffodils in our garden is just the cutest thing. Beautiful.’

How cute is this?

Can I just take a moment. Amelia picking daffodils in our garden is just the cutest thing. Beautiful

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But as well as gushing over ADORABLE Amelia, the doting dad’s 587k followers were left a little stunned by something else in the picture – the ridiculously humongous garden that she’s playing in!

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One impressed fan wrote: ‘That’s not a garden it’s a park!! Amazing and beautiful, you are truly blessed xx’, while another added: ‘cute an wow thats one hell of a garden pete.. Lovely x’.

And a third joked: ‘Wow,if my garden looked like that I’d hardly ever see my kids!lol’. Ha!

Although we love the candid shot (and Pete’s incredible back yard), we’re not too sure Emily’s going to approve as the I’m A Celeb star revealed he previously got himself in some hot water for sharing photos of their little ones.

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Whilst Pete’s older children from his marriage to Katie PriceJunior, 11, and Princess, 9 – often pop up on social media, the star admitted: ‘I got in trouble with the missus for posting a video of Mills and Theo and I chilling out on the sofa on social media last week.’

Even though it was a quick vid, I was in the doghouse for a bit because Ems isn’t so keen on him and Amelia being on social media.

‘I get excited, what can I do? Give a man a break!’

Hopefully she won’t be too bothered by this snap – it was too cute not to share!