Well this is a bit cheeky!

Peter Andre often shares cute photos of his family life with wife Emily on Instagram – but his latest shot has caused a stir after fans spotted something seriously RUDE.

The dad-of-four posted a snap of his other half cooking in the kitchen on Sunday and it all seems perfectly innocent at first, with Emily busy chopping vegetables on the surface.


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But Pete, 44, had turned the scene X-rated by placing two lemons next to a cucumber to create a rather, um, phallic shape.

‘Emily cooking a lovely Sunday roast….. I know what you’re thinking… those lemons are far too big,’ the singer jokingly captioned the picture.

Fans were quick to react after spotting Pete’s saucy addition to the snap, with one commenting: ‘Peter! I’m shocked’

‘They are the first things my eyes drew to 😂 or was it the cucumber😃,’ another quipped, whilst one added: ‘Cheeky! It’s not the size of the lemons but the length of the cucumber…’

Ooh-er. Not everyone immediately picked up on the innuendo though as many of Pete’s followers were busy questioning the ingredients of his Sunday dinner.

‘No I was thinking who has lemons and cucumber as part of a Sunday roast?’ one fan admitted, and another agreed: ‘I was thinking what’s a cucumber doing with a Sunday dinner..’

LOLs. It’s not the only time recently that Pete has shared a glimpse of his home life, having posted a cute snap earlier in the day which showed his three-year-old daughter Amelia spending time with him in the gym.

‘Look who’s joined me for a gym sesh Reading:))),’ the TV star wrote alongside the post.

Look who’s joined me for a gym sesh Reading:)))

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He also shared an adorable video later on as the toddler proved she’s already picking up language skills by counting to six in Greek – AND naming various colours in the lingo too!

Pete was obviously very proud and captioned the clip: ‘Honestly my Sunday just got better. Plse watch this She’s only 3. #prouddad’

Honestly my Sunday just got better. Plse watch this She’s only 3. #prouddad

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