The TV star and dad had a brand new gig

Nowadays, Peter Andre is often referred to in terms of his cheerful stints on TV, his fondness of wife Emily MacDonagh or his love for being a dad.

However, we can never forget the first instances in which many of us remember him – giving us some incredible ab shots in tropical music videos – ahem…

However, more that twenty years later, it’s clear that Pete’s still rocking a smokin’ hot bod, as he’s just been selected as the face – and body – of yogurt Oykos, taking over from Mark Wright!

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In a recent chat, the 44-year-old TV star speaks out about his new role, which sees him showing off all his recent hard work in the gym. And he’s clearly very happy about his new gig, as he gets pretty sassy about the fact he’s replaced a man who’s over ten years his junior…

‘Oykos could have had guys that are 20 years younger than me.

‘Mark Wright was fronting the campaign, but now it looks like he was Mark Wrong, because they’ve got me!’

Cheeky! But in true Peter style, he then tells Reveal magazine that he’s simply ‘grateful’ to be given a chance, while in his 40s – and compliments his predecessor.

‘Mark is a great guy and he’s nearly half my age, so I’m so grateful they chose me. This campaign is brilliant, because three people will win a trip to Mykonos – and meet me!’

Otherwise, Peter’s an extremely happy guy at the moment. After the birth of son Theo in late 2016, he’s not looking to expand his family for the time being:

‘I’m not in a rush. I remember saying Theo’s birth that I wanted another, but now I’m just really content and happy.’

Glad to hear it!

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