Seriously Peter Andre, we hope that’s a wig


Peter Andre has sent us into a tizzy with his latest topless pic.

The 42-year-old star posted a snap of himself showcasing a seriously hot bod, but our eyes were averted away from his impressive pecs to his erm….interesting choice of hair style.

Instead of his usual manly do, Pete flaunted a short brown bob.

Next to the Instagram photo, Pete wrote:

‘What you talking about Willis.’

In case you don’t get the line, Peter was referring to a line from old-school American sitcom, Diff’rent Strokes.

Thankfully, the dad-of-three was only wearing a wig in the pic. Phew! We don’t reckon fiancee Emily MacDonagh, 25, would be TOO impressed at that!

In fact, we re-wound the clock and discovered that the photo is in fact a classic Throwback Thursday snap from two years ago.

Peter had tried on the wig after seeing his daughter Princess, 7, wearing it.

‘Bista had been wearing it around the house and I couldn’t stop laughing at her because she looked like Betty Boop,’ said Pete at the time.

Oh and to avoid confusion, Bista is the nickname Pete gives to Princess.

Peter added:

‘I was trying to go for a Tarzan look myself.’

Well it’s certainly worked!

Of course, the former singer isn’t exactly new to the world of long hair. Remember the dodgy curtains he sported during the 90s? Yup, flashback to Pete‘s Mysterious Girl video (where his shiny six pack took centre stage) and you’ll recall Mr Andre‘s hairstyle faux-pas.

Pete revealed that Emily wasn’t actually a fan of the long hair though.

Emily didn’t like it and so many people said the long hair was wrong, but I love it. I now want to grow my hair long,’ said Pete two years ago.

Let’s hope Emily keeps her foot firmly DOWN – we think Pete‘s long locks belong in the past!

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Lucy Gornall