Peter Andre spills the beans to Now…

Singer Peter Andre has exclusively revealed to Now the one dish that gets him in the mood for lurve.

Oh he’s a cheeky one is Pete!

The 42-year-old star, who tied the knot to Emily MacDonagh on July 11, told us that instead of strawberries and red wine, it’s a slightly different food that gets between the sheets.

‘Linguine. I know it’s not what you’d expect but you can make linguine and scallops and it’s just, mmmm!’

Who knew pasta could be such an aphrodisiac! Pete did also say that oysters are pretty useful too…

They’re definitely going to get me in some sort of mood’, laughed the newlywed.

Oh, and on the subject of newlywed, we just HAD to congratulate Peter on his marriage to Emily.
‘Emily told me her dress was going to be good, but wow,’ gushed Pete, who was quite simply lost for words when we commented on Emily’s beautiful wedding frock.

But anyway, back to the kitchen…
So what’s Pete’s favourite dish to cook his beautiful new wife? A delicious spag bol? Or maybe a spicy curry?

Err, not quite. Pete goes all out for his lady y’no?

Speaking about his get together with Richard, a chef for Iceland, Pete revealed his simple new recipe which Emily loves.
‘Richard showed me this dish that’s basically all these veggies -so you cut them up, fry them very gently with no oil, make the pan boiling, boiling hot, you drop your veggies in so they sear really quickly- they look a bit burnt on top but they’re not, and you put that as a bed, all these different vegetables and then you put fish on top, and then you put sweet chilli sauce on the side.’

He added: ‘It’s a meal I would never have tried and I love it!’

Pete, can we pop over to sample this dish by any chance?

Speaking at the Iceland Christmas in July press day, Pete also admitted that he’s quite the chef in the kitchen.

‘I do a lot of cooking at home. I love cooking. I like cooking things from scratch – I don’t like packaged and even the sauces, I like making them from scratch,’ admitted the dad-of-three, adding:

‘If I’m going to do a Bolognese I won’t just put a Bolognese sauce in, I got to do everything from scratch and then I might just use a tiny bit of that Bolognese sauce at the very end after I’ve created it myself because I’m missing some ingredient, obviously!’

Peter Andre is brand ambassador for frozen food specialists Iceland, and a passionate advocate for the Power of Frozen. For more details, visit


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