Peter Andre talks about receiving death threats from his manager’s ex during bitter court battle involving his ex wife Katie Price

It’s no secret he’s involved in a High Court battle with his ex wife Katie Price, and on Wednesday Peter Andre claimed he felt ‘physically threatened’ when the TV producer of his reality show told his friends he would ‘bury’ them.

The allegations were brought to light at the Queen’s Bench Division Commercial Court hearing in which producer Neville Hendricks, who used to date Pete’s manager Claire Powell, is suing ITV2 for allegedly breaking a contract for him to produce reality shows featuring Peter and Kerry Katona.

Peter – who has had to cancel his honeymoon with new wife Emily MacDonagh for the court case – told Mr Justice Flaux that following Claire and Neville’s split in 2010, Claire told Pete that her ex boyfriend had threatened to kill her, her new partner and another colleague.

‘I’d heard him say things before,’ Pete said. ‘I knew he could be hot and volatile and cool down afterwards, but this is the first time it felt real.’

He said that Mr Hendricks had previously told people, ‘I will bury you,’ and once said: ‘Get a shovel, I am going to bury you.’

He added: ‘I had just gone through a horrific divorce and, at the start, Neville was there with me and saw what I was going through – and I’m now having a problem with the very person who was supporting me, so I was completely upset about what was going on around us.’

Giving evidence, Mr Hendricks denied the allegation that he had made any threats against Pete, Claire, her new partner or any colleagues.  His evidence was not challenged. In addition the person who it was claimed had originally told Claire of the threat also gave evidence that Neville made no such threat.

The singer also described how his daughter with ex wife Katie Price Princess suffered ‘a horrific burn’ while on holiday with her mother.

‘She had a horrific burn on her back and her skin was coming off, and there were no bandages on,’ Pete said. ‘ [Katie Price] said something about sauna. I was so upset about what had happened to my daughter.’

Katie was investigated by Surrey Police over the incident, which took place during a holiday in Switzerland, but was cleared of any wrongdoing.

Also during the court case, Pete denied the claim that he and his manager had used the media to convey his ex-wife as ‘a complete b****.’

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Lisa Blake