Peter Andre and Emily Macdonagh got married in Exeter at the weekend after three years together

We’ve finally taken our hats off and cleared up all the confetti from the floor since Peter Andre and Emily MacDonagh (that’s Dr.MacDonagh FYI!) got married in an intimate ceremony at the weekend in Exeter.

But the couple seem to have put jetting off on their honeymoon on hold for now though, as they’ve gone back to their home in Surrey. And they’ve returned in style!

Carrying his wife, the 42-year-old proud groom Instagrammed them entering back into their home in quite the traditional way, captioning the photo: ‘Carrying my new wife over the threshold :))))’

So. Sweet! Where can we find our very own Pete?

The singer shared with OK! magazine how emotional he got when he saw his 25-year-old wife walking down the aisle in a beautiful Sassi Holford gown.

‘Seeing Emily for the first time in her dress was incredible – she took my breath away. She’s the most beautiful bride I’ve ever seen – I couldn’t help but well up!’

And it wasn’t just the bride who brought Pete to tears, but also his three little ones, 10-year-old Junior, eight-year-old Princess and 18-month-old daughter Amelia, who he had with Emily.

‘First seeing my son Junior walk down the aisle, followed by Bista [Princess] and Mills [Amelia] and then Emily – it was just too much!

With their children looking adorable as page boy and bridesmaids, will we be seeing their family growing even bigger?

While Pete is an eager beaver when it comes to a second child with Emily, saying: ‘I’d like to start straight away!’, with her recently getting her first job as a qualified doctor earlier this year, it might be a bit of a wait until the next bundle of joy comes along.

‘I just want to work for a bit first and then we will [try for a second baby]. My career is important to me and it’s taken me a long time to get here but I’m still only young.’

How very true!

Despite a court case over a contract dispute with ex-wife Katie Price that’s gotten in the way of their honeymoon, that still doesn’t seem to be getting Petey boy down, as he seems to be happy as Larry over his new marriage.

‘Everything was just perfect. I’m so happy to be able to call Emily my wife. I feel like the luckiest man in the world as I have married the most beautiful girl in the world, who is also my best friend.’

‘I have my soulmate for life by my side.’

Stop it! Our emotions can’t take it! We’re so happy for new Mr. and Mrs.Andre!

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