Broody Peter Andre will have to wait for baby No 2 as his fiancée starts work as a doctor

Peter Andre‘s made no secret of his love for fiancée Emily MacDonagh and his desperation to add to his growing clan, revealing recently: ‘After Amelia was born I was really content and didn’t think I’d want more. But now she’s grown into such a wonderful child I’m getting broody.’

However, Now has learnt that giving their one-year old daughter a sibling is the furthest thing from Emily’s mind at the moment. A source says: ‘Emily’s main focus right now is her career, so she has no plans for another baby. She’s starting her medical career in July at a hospital in Surrey, so that¹s what she wants to concentrate on.’

Emily, 25, passed her final exams to become a doctor in January and, bursting with pride, Pete took it upon himself to post a message on his Instagram account, saying: ‘She’s only gone and done it ­ Emily passed her final exams. Dr Emily MacDonagh, sounds great doesn’t it? So so proud.’

Pete, 42, popped the question to 25-year old Emily on New Year’s Eve 2013 and has said in the past that he’d only want to be engaged for a maximum of two years before he got married. But as yet no wedding date’s been set.

And while Peter’s incredibly supportive of Emily’s decision to focus on work first ­ especially as this year is also proving to be very busy for him career-wise ­ he’s still keen to marry and expand their family soon.

He’s revealed: ‘Emily and I will try for a baby as soon as we’re man and wife. I imagine we¹ll probably get started fairly quickly ­ I can’t see us waiting around.’

He may have to rethink that, however, as both he and Emily currently have enough on their plates. Soon after Amelia was born, when asked about his new daughter he admitted: ‘I¹m shattered! Do you know what… coffee machines, espresso, that’s what it’s all about.’ He added: ‘Emily’s a fantastic mum, she really is.’

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