Internet is split in opinion over a viral photo of Princess Diana with Kate Middleton

The internet’s a weird ol’ place isn’t it? There’s cats playing pianos and Miley Cyrus riding a wrecking ball. And once again, it’s delivered with a photo shopped image of Kate Middleton with Princess Diana.

The photo in question sees Kate Middleton holding daughter Charlotte at her christening, with Princess Diana bending down to look at her granddaughter.

It’s REALLY convincing. So kudos to whoever made the image.

And the person responsible for this creation? Faceboook user Mary Kohnke. Posting it on her Facebook saying ‘Let’s make this go viral’, the image has now been shared over 300,000 times. Wow!

But the opinion over the picture is split. With some finding it sweet, and others finding it a bit spooky.

One user commented saying ‘OMGoodness, this is awesome…I bet she was there just like that, she just couldn’t be seen with the naked eye. A true Princess * Lady Diana * gone but not forgotten.’

While Constance Kingston said: ‘yah…kinda creepy, I agree…sad’ and Eric Schlyter said that although she loves lady Diana, that ‘this is a little bit creepy.’

Alex Bradshaw is certain though that it’s ‘one of the best pictures on the internet’, while another comment said that it was ‘very poor to use the dead in such a depiction.’

The photo used of Princess Diana is from she was in New York and met Mother Teresa in 1997, months before she tragically dies in a Paris car crash. While the photo of Kate Middleton and Princess Charlotte was taken at Charlotte’s christening.

What do you think – do you think the photo’s touching or in terrible taste? We’re still mulling it over with our cup of tea.

Re-live Charlotte’s Royal christening…


Amy Lo