David wants Victoria to put on weight so she can conceive again

Skinny Victoria Beckham has been ordered by husband David to get fat so they can have another baby.

Nutritionists have reportedly told the couple that Posh is more likely to become pregnant if she puts on more weight and increases her body fat percentage.

Victoria, 32 – believed to be between a waif-like size 4 and size 6, has the waist measurement of a seven-year old-child.

But after strict instructions from her husband David, the former Spice Girl is on a mission to fatten up.

The Real Madrid star, 31, has put his wife on a carbohydrate-laden diet after learning from medics that women who are too thin can miss out on having babies.

‘Victoria’s agreed to go along with it because she and David are happier than ever at the moment and also because she is desperate to conceive,’ says a source close to the couple. ‘After having three sons, who they love dearly, both of them would absolutely love a little girl to dote on.’

‘David knows that Victoria struggles with her body image and
thrives on being thin but he is desperate to see her with a few more curves.’

‘Her new diet will be very carbohydrate-driven, and rather than picking at sushi and steamed vegetables, she will be tucking into lots of bread, pasta and brown rice even crisps if that’s what she fancies.’