Chanelle's weight has put her at 'high risk'

Given her well-publicised battle with her weight, Chanelle Hayes has been open about the fact that her pregnancy came as a bit of a shock.

But sadly it looks like her yo-yoing figure might have had a worrying effect on her health as the reality star has reportedly been given some upsetting news.


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Doctors have apparently told Chanelle, 29, that she could have gestational diabetes, which can lead to potential complications including pre-eclampsia and premature birth.

The mum-to-be could now face hours of testing to see if she has the worrying condition.

‘Chanelle has been undergoing tests to see if she has gestational diabetes,’ a source says.

‘Her weight means she’s still classed as obese and she’s in the highest risk bracket.’

Understandably Chanelle is said to be devastated by this news.

‘Chanelle’s upset and is really concerned about it,’ the insider explains. ‘She once saw a television programme about a woman with gestational diabetes who ended up being hospitalised for three months. It’s a huge worry for her.’

It sounds like the expectant star and her partner Ryan Oates are both keen to do what they can to minimise the risks by keeping fit and healthy.

‘Chanelle’s started taking long walks every day,’ the source tells The Sun Online. ‘And has cut out saturated fats and high calorie and high sugar foods.

‘Chanelle has made a promise to herself that as soon as the baby is delivered and they’re both fit and well she’ll be right back on the treadmill and on her way to a size 10.’

The former Big Brother star – who has son Blakely, 6, from a previous relationship with footballer Matthew Bates – had previously spoken of being at risk of diabetes before announcing her pregnancy.

Unfortunately it’s not the only health issue she’s encountered recently either as Chanelle has been suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum, also known as severe vomiting. Eurgh.

The mum-to-be has been so badly affected by the condition that she’s claimed on Twitter she’s ‘been in hosp, on drips, on numerous types of medication and fast weightloss’.

Hope you’re feeling better soon, Chanelle!