The hot actress feels bigger after Christmas

Pregnant Helen Flanagan has an excuse to put on a few pounds over Christmas this year – but she admits that, like many of us, she often does anyway.

The hot ex-Coronation Street star felt like she’d filled out a little after last year’s festive season and decided to embark on a health regime in the New Year.

‘After Christmas you feel a bit bigger,’ says Helen, 24.

‘I’m actually really small, only 5ft 3in, so I just got really toned up. I swim all the time – and it’s really easy to keep in shape.’

Luckily for Helen, sticking to a balanced diet and sensible fitness plan doesn’t seem to be too much of a challenge as she actually likes it.

‘I love exercise and it’s something I genuinely do enjoy,’ the hot actress explained before falling pregnant with her and boyfriend Scott Sinclair‘s first baby.

‘I’ve got a trainer and I love being healthy. I exercise every day. My only downfall is chocolate.’

Helen – who first starred as Rosie Webster in Corrie when she was just 9 – usually ate nutritious food as a child so it’s something that comes naturally to her.

‘I have never been brought up on fish and chips or pies,’ says the pretty star.

‘My mum brought me up on a healthy diet. I really crave healthy food like mangoes or granola.

‘Even with crisps, I buy the beetroot ones to make it a bit healthier!’

The actress will be certainly be keeping active over the next few years as she’ll be running around after her and 25-year-old footballer Scott’s little boy or girl.

A thrilled Helen announced her happy news on 22 December, Tweeting: ‘Me and Scott are expecting our first baby in the summer.

‘We are both so happy and so excited xxx 👶❤’

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